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The Farmshop at Malibu Fig Ranch (open daily 10-6)

Welcome to the Malibu Fig Ranch:

The Intuitive Forager, Kerry Clasby’s Passion Project in Malibu CA


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What it is: Kerry’s passion project, and a land and farm near and dear to her heart, the Malibu Fig Ranch boasts a Farmshop featuring fresh from the field crops, grown on the farm using biodynamic farming techniques. The farm is also a teaching farm to help showcase (and help other organic farmers with) the techniques and best practices of farming and growing bio-dynamically – in short order – to help spread the wisdom she has been amassing from master farmers for decades.

In addition to the recovery from the Woolsey Fires (see below) and the now open Farmstand, Kerry’s vision for the farm continues to grow: “We have begun again with testimony of how to do it right, a testimony to the authentic family farm – a farm sanctuary for people – plowed, planted and picked with the utmost integrity. Hosting educational classes and forums and introducing all aspects of farming through workshops and training. To open the gates, fields, meditative garden, memorial fruit orchard and farmstand to a larger community from Los Angeles to the Internet.”

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Intuitive Forager Kerry Clasby out front the Farmshop
The Farmshop: Open Daily 10am-6pm

The Farmshop features a wide array of freshly foraged produce, grown both on the farm itself and locally by other small independent farmers – look for a huge variety of seasonal “Farmers Market” favorites available on a daily basis! In addition to produce you can find other locally curated items (available seasonally) including honeys, kefir, eggs, cheeses, nuts, flowers and more.


Current Crops/Coming Soon:

The fields are currently boasting a wonderful array of greenery including Swiss Chard, Kale, Broccoli Greens, and Fava Leaves. And coming soon are Peppers, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Eggplants, Onions, and Italian Greens and Lettuces.

Recovering among the ashes: Surviving the Woolsey Wild Fires:

In late November of 2018 the Woolsey Wild Fire that tore through Malibu at unprecedented speeds hit the Farm at Malibu/Malibu Fig Ranch destroying much of the work Kerry has put into reviving the farm over the fast few years. Devastatingly, much of her home, farm equipment, trailers, and belongings were left to ash.

Never one to balk in the face of adversity, Kerry continues to forge ahead with her passion project, pouring all her heart and soul into the recovery and rehabilitation of The Farm at Malibu after the Woolsey Fire struck its devastating blow. 

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From the LA Times: Devastated By Woolsey Fire, a Farmer and Forager Begins to Rebuild 

In addition to reading the above article please be sure and check out Kerry’s GO FUND ME PAGE to help donate and support this amazing woman and the heirloom farm she is working to save!

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It grows anew!

While still recovering from the fire damage caused by the Woolsey Fires, we are happy to say our first rounds of post-fire crops are once more covering the fields in fresh growth – from greens like kale and chard, to eggplant, summer squash and more – we hope to see much new growth this year! Pictured at left is our first crop of post-fire Baby Kale earlier this spring.


The History of Malibu Fig Ranch (aka The Farm at Malibu):

Vital Zuman Organic Farm located in Malibu, California, was once known as Fig Tree Ranch, a nickname given to it nearly 50 years ago after George and Alice Cunningham planted a slew of Fig Trees for erosion control. It was serendipity as a necessity turned into the farms most coveted item – and area locals still praise the farm and its fruit: “this is the place I have been coming to since 1986 to buy the best figs around, and to get a fix of farm life in the metropolis.”

This fertile land has seen many a vision come and go since its hay day during the Cunningham’s active farming of the land – including a variety of farm produce in addition to its famed fig harvests. The Cunningham’s son Alan even blessed the land by calling the farm “Vital Zuman” which takes its name from the Chumash word, “Zuma”, which means “abundance”.

And abundance it returns to as the trio of Alan, Kerry, and land owner Shelly Sterling come together to curate the farm and fig orchard back to its original state. The Farm at Malibu, now called the Malibu Fig Ranch, lead by the vision of the Intuitive Forager, now hosts a Farmstand featuring produce grown on the land including (in addition to Figs) Greens, Strawberries, Summer Squash, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Wild Flowers and much much more!