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Giving a Resounding “Thanks” All Across the Board!

We hope everyone had an especially Happy Thanksgiving yesterday, filled with Gratitude, Love, Family, Friends, and of course – Food!

Maybe it’s something to do with all the tragedy this year across the nation – including our very own #VegasStrong – but the Holidays and their requisite cheer and homey happy family vibes seem an especially necessary antidote. It also makes us even more grateful than ever for the strength of our community and relationships, whether its all the people that contribute to or shop the weekly Downtown 3rd Farmers Markets, or volunteer at “Helen’s Garden” the Urban Community Garden located there, or the Chefs who use our Produce, it truly takes a village! So as you battle through the front lines of “Black Friday” today, or clean up after company or pull out the Holiday Decorations, we hope you continue to reflect on that spirit of thankfulness – and take a moment to read our Newsletter so we can let you all know just how thankful WE are…

First off this year we need to give a special note of GRATEFULNESS to our ENTIRE COMMUNITY as we all showed support through our terrible crisis – whether that was by donating blood, or the many who brought food and water to those waiting in line or supporting the recovery efforts, or those who worked tirelessly around the clock at overburdened hospitals and medical centers. In a city of bright lights and tourists our home community shares an amazing capacity for support and togetherness – we truly are #VegasStrong

We are thankful to all the small family and independent FARMS and FARMERS who have made it their life’s work to grow incredible, organic produce in an ethical and sustainable way. And in turn we are thankful for the abundance of produce that these farmers – via our incredible Planet – are able to grow. For the gift of life, energy, and vitality this bountiful Earth gifts us through this produce.

We are thankful to the AWARENESS now being given to the food and agricultural industry, in the hope that our relationship to this system continues to grow as more balanced, sustainable, and symbiotic relationship.

We are thankful for the Vegas area CHEFS who continue to support our markets both professionally and personally – for pushing the use of organic, small farm grown produce in their restaurants and for the time many of them donate to come out and educate us all at our weekly Chef Demo and Talk & Taste Series – an invaluable gift to our local community.

We are thankful to all of our loyal CUSTOMERS who come support us week in and week out. By supporting us you are also supporting all those things we are already thankful for – you are in essence a part of our team, our family, and the Farm-to-Table movement, the paradigm shift from the unconscious to the conscious eating and procuring of food.

We are thankful to our VENDORS who bring their incredible talents and products to the Markets each week, expanding on and supporting our message of sustainability and recognition of artisanal goods.

We are thankful to all the VOLUNTEERS who donate their time and energy to many projects, from the Downtown 3rd Farmers Market to the Urban Community Garden Project “Helen’s Garden” located there, to helping out on The Farm at Malibu.

We are thankful to our Intuitive Forager Family, our TEAM of employees who make the Market happen every week through pure passion, persistence, and a love of all things “Foodie”.

And finally we are Thankful to KERRY CLASBY, the Intuitive Forager, who’s immense passion for delicious produce, sustainable practices, biodynamic agriculture, and a healthier more balanced life for all, is the power behind all that we do. Thank You.

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“A Girl and Her Squash” – The Intuitive Forager Kerry Clasby on The Farm at Malibu