July 2017

Elevated Reset – The New Happy Hour!

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Elevated Reset:

The Reset Project Teams Up with Health Elevated
on the Third Thursday of the Month at 6:30

“Embrace a whole new way to create optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness for yourself at Elevated Reset.”

A couple weeks ago we invited you to join us as we teamed up with  The Reset Project as it hosted it’s May “Sunday Reset” at the Downtown 3rd Farmers Market Location in the Old Bus Terminal, and which included a volunteer effort of this classic landmark, along with an AM Run, Intuitive Forager Breakfast, Yoga, and More. Now they once again join us in addition to teaming up with Health Elevated to host a series of health and wellness evenings the third Thursday of the Month.

From The Reset Project:

The New Happy Hour happens the 3rd Thursday of the month – featuring a total body training routine that takes just 20 min followed by recovery, rejuvenation and repair with great food, and drinks with friends. Let’s get educated and say goodbye to packaged/bottled supplements, aspirin and everything that Big Pharma and Big Food are herding you towards.
Physical, mental and emotional recovery and rejuvenation = sustainable fitness in the modern world. Get yours at the Elevated Reset = Interactive Education on safe ways to incorporate medical cannabis, locally sourced plant based foods and herbs. 21 years + only. With Health Elevated and James M Wong + fresh organic fruits from the Intuitive Forager Farmers Markets – RSVP and change your life not just your body!

Visit The Reset Projects Events Page to RSVP and for more information on this Weekly Event. Or visit the Facebook Event Page.

Summertime Powerhouse Green: Purple Amaranth!

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Purple Amaranth

Not only is it delicious but this is one “Powerhouse Green”, full of nutritional oomph – so read on and make sure to add this one onto your list!

Although Amaranth is technically classified as an herb, for culinary uses its cultivated by many Asian Cultures for use as a leafy vegetable. The young shoots can be eaten raw in a salad but mature Amaranth (like you’ll see in most Farmers or Asian Markets) is most often used cooked – primarily in stir-fries but also in soups or simmered dishes.

The younger leaves are more mild and tender with a slight nutty flavor like spinach and are perfect for adding to salads; once more mature, the leaves get more fibrous and bitter (when raw) and so you’ll want to cook them to bring out that nutty flavoring. All are great used raw in your green drinks or juicing (just check out the incredible nutrition below). If you see flowers on the stalks it’s usually a sign the leaves are past their prime for cooking. Often when plants are cultivated they are done so for their leaves, however they are also cultivated for the edible seeds that come from the flowers – similar to Quinoa the seeds contain high amounts of protein.

Amaranth Nutrition: Similar to Beets, Swiss Chard, and Spinach – but genetically closer to their wild ancestors – they offer a superior source of Carotene, Iron, Calcium, Protein, and Vitamin C.

Here’s two great takes on a simple but delicious way to partake of your Purple Amaranth – in a stir fry:

"intuitive forager" "farmers markets" "downtown 3rd" “downtown 3rd farmers market” “dtlv” “downtown lv” "las vegas” “farm to table” “fresh produce” “support small farms” “support local” “farmers market” “organic” “non gmo” “how to cook” “health benefits” “cooking with” "amaranth"


Rocky Sweet Melon is Here!

"intuitive forager" "farmers markets" "downtown 3rd" “downtown 3rd farmers market” “dtlv” “downtown lv” "las vegas” “farm to table” “fresh produce” “support small farms” “support local” “farmers market” “organic” “non gmo” “how to cook” “health benefits” “cooking with”

Rocky Sweet Melons

One of the “netted” Muskmelons (the exterior looks like a Cantaloupe and the interior flesh like that of a Honeydew) – the Rocky Sweet varietal is known for its exceptional spicy sweet flavor and perfumed aromatics. It is round with a thick yellow skin covered with the signature golden tan netting. The flesh is a light green with a smooth and succulent texture. Less about knocking and touching, the Rocky Sweet Melons ripeness is best determined by the development of its distinct musky and sweet aroma, along with a lighter yellow to brown or even orange coloration of the skin – which indicates a higher the sugar content.

Rocky Sweet Melons taste like a bit of a cross between a Cantaloupe and a Honeydew – that being said, unlike most melons these are at their absolute best when chilled – and are best eaten fresh and used in uncooked preparations like fresh green and fruit salads along with breakfast and main dishes. They pair well in both sweet and savory applications. Rocky Sweet Melon’s incredible flavoring make them highly desirable, however you won’t find them in commercial supermarkets due to their short shelf life – which makes them the perfect candidate for our Markets – freshly foraged and direct to you. Get yours this weekend and make sure you dig in within the next week to fully enjoy their incredible flavor (once cut, keep in a sealed container in the fridge).

Our Rocky Sweet Melons come to us from the Munak Family Farms.



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