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The Integrity of a Traceable Foraging Footprint
The Intuitive Forager embodies the world of Farm-to -Table in all its forms from thriving award winning farmers markets, culinary partnerships with master chefs, a grassroots Farmshop selling curated artisan goods, organic produce and a signature café dedicated to a seasonal menu using just-pick Market produce and nutrient dense ingredients.

Farm-to-Table is an authentic food movement in which organic produce is grown on small farms and harvested at the peak-of-taste and nutritional value and then sold directly to the public through our Farmers Markets. The Intuitive Forager Farm-to -Table methodology insures that you are supporting the integrity of our country’s food shed, participating in traceable food chain and making an alliance with farmers and land stewardship.

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Founder and Intuitive Forager Kerry Clasby

Intuitive Forager Farmers Markets
“My Markets have become a converging point where chef-private and public sector alike, share skills, information, ideas, and solutions to a more sustainable way of life. We are more than a farmers markets, we are a thriving, bustling community looking to one another for resources, intellectual property, training and even fun as our urban area reinvent themselves.” Kerry Clasby

Awarded Best of Las Vegas for over a decade, the Intuitive Forager Farmers Markets offer the largest selection of organic produce and local sourced product in Nevada. Over 600 farms and literally thousands varieties of produce grace the Markets farm stands throughout the seasons. Downtown 3rd, located in the heart of the Las Vegas Revitalization Project, is open every Friday from 9am to 2pm. The Markets host chef demonstrations by some of the most reputable personalities in the trade and culinary events showcasing local artisans’ hand curated products from tea to spices. Kerry Clasby shares insights and cutting edge research on nutrition and diet through her weekly Talk & Taste sessions. Children’s activities, festivals, yoga classes and educational seminars contribute to the Markets’ mission to stay engaged in community through the simple act of ‘showing up!’

Downtown 3rd Farmers Market
Friday from 9am-2pm
300 N Casino Center Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89101
From the I-515/95 S – take exit 75B onto Casino Center Blvd. towards Downtown Las Vegas. Take the first left at Stewart light and an immediate left before the Mob Museum into the free farmers market parking lot.


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The Intuitive Forager Farmshop – Curated by Intuitive Forager, Kerry Clasby

We Forage – You Thrive

The Intuitive Forager Farmshop is a brick and mortar ‘grassroots movement’
connecting community with farmers, farmland, sustainable growing practices, heirloom seeds, ancient citrus orchards, vibrant soil, nutritionally dense organic produce, seasonal harvests, urban gardens, artisan kitchens, cutting edge agro research, and like-minded people seeking nourishment for the mind-body and soul.

It is a Culinary Oasis where hand selected artisan products line the walls echoing, come taste me! The quintessential Farm-to-Table Café founded on the principles of made-from scratch – made from the heart techniques. Dishes inspired by master chefs, leaders in the health and well being movement and the Intuitive Forager’s private collection of heritage recipes collected over decades of collaboration with chefs and farmhouse kitchens.

The Ether – The Intuitive Forager Newsletter, Blog and Social Media is the wordless medium in which so much of our work is communicated. The depth of the Intuitive Forager is unexplainable and therefore, the Ether can hold it all and disperse it to you over and over again. Keep connected through –